Special Event!

Hellinger Workshop with Robin Appel Maida

Saturday, January 11, 2020

10:00 am - 5:00 pm

I participated in the Hellinger Workshop with Robin Maida when I received my Yoga teacher Certification.

It was fascinating, profound, eye-opening and beautiful. I am thrilled to host this special event in our space!

In The Hellinger workshop, Robin expertly guides us in 'Family Constellations', "an approach that allows you to view your family system in a three dimensional format from a unique perspective".


"Participation in a family constellations workshop can help you in releasing unhealthy habits, patterns, anxiety, anger, and depression. It is a container for completion and healing, empowering you to disengage from unconscious loyalty to wounds, freeing you up to reconnect with family strengths."

Gain steps to guide yourself to a more centered, present, and whole way of living.

Reawaken authenticity in your body and learn tools to deal with life issues in a healthy and productive manner."

Absolutely no prior knowledge or experience is necessary.

Fee is $100 for Early Bird by 12/21