Transform your body,
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Welcome to an inspiring journey toward your deepest inner strength! Experience expertly crafted barre classes in our warm, supportive studio. Break through your perceived limitations and embrace your own Fluid Power.
Our dynamic, no impact classes combine elements of Pilates, yoga, dance and strength training in a skillfully sequenced mind-body blast that delivers profound, lasting results. With a concentration on optimally deep core conditioning, healthy alignment and positioning, you will improve your posture and increase flexibility while toning and defining your entire body.

Targeted and uniquely challenging moves will lift your backside, sculpt your thighs and trim your waistline. Beautifully interspersed stretches will lift your spirits, encouraging the dancers aesthetic of long, graceful lines, and increased freedom of movement. Our passionate teachers will guide you with upbeat, motivating music so you can get in your zone and have fun!

Consistent classes will empower you with new energy, balance and strength!
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Our Team


Cathleen brings a vibrant background and years of diverse teaching experience to her unique Fluid Power Barre Fitness. She holds an MFA in dance from NYU...


Alisha fell in love with barre instantly when she walked in the door as a student at Fluid Power in February 2014. Looking to get back in shape after having her...


Jenn Heslin.



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